Landscape Gaa-Barge

After making 32 of the 52 Garbage to Gaa-Barge art quilts, I started making Landscape Gaa-Barge.  The Garbage to Gaa-Barge pieces were made from scraps that were left over from projects and anything that I swept off the floor or found in a wastebasket.  Most pieces were small, but some were larger.  I had intended to make one a week for a year, but was side tracked when gardening season came. One of the last pieces became an imaginary underwater scene.  It was so much fun making that little piece.

Then I thought that I could make scenes using a picture for a pattern.  The first two were not very good, but I soon figured out how to do it and the art quilts were much better.  I even taught classes in Landscape Gaa-Barge.  The students made awesome landscapes.

The pieces are 8″ x 11″.  That size is easy to work with.  A photo, which is used for the pattern,  can be enlarged on a home copy machine. Tulle  is placed over the small scraps and then the piece is thread painted to hold everything down.  Either a large or a small binding finishes the piece.

The fabric pictures are memories of places where I have been.


My parents, my husband and I went on a trip to Cape Cod.  While there, I took a picture of Cape Cod Bay and the dunes.  When I make the fabric picture two small pieces of thread were left under the tulle.  I left them there because they looked like birds in the air.  A happy accident.


IMG_2178This is a picture of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  We had many trips up North.


IMG_2176We fished many ponds and lakes, but one time we went up the Merrimack River.  It was a beautiful ride. This bend of the river was very pretty.  We didn’t catch any fish, but if we did, we would have let them go.  Even though the Merrimack is cleaned up, I can still remember when it was polluted. IMG_2177




IMG_2174For several years, we spent a week in Bradenton, Florida.  Our motel was close to the beach and we walked the beach every day looking for shells. There was a restaurant close by and we were walking there the day that I saw this clump of grass.


IMG_2172Before we retired, we spent every Memorial Day and Labor Day at a cabin in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.  The fishing was great and we went looking for moose every evening.  They were by the side of the road every dusk.  This was the scene across the road from our cabin.


IMG_2182This last one doesn’t have a picture with it.  I probably had one at the time that I made the picture.  This is the scene from my porch in Maine.  The road goes from left to right at the top of the picture.  My neighbors driveway is across the field just beyond the row of trees.  There are gardens on both sides of the white picket fence.  It must be fall, because the flowers are perennial Maximillian Sunflowers.

I should make some more memory Landscape Gaa-Barge pieces and finish the regular Garbage to Gaa-Barge project.  Only twenty more to go,.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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