Dear Jane

I’ve been working on Dear Jane off and on the past few weeks.  They are just the right size to take when I need handwork at a meeting. I have several others in various stages and will work on them so that I have a constant supply of hand work.  There is just one more to make to complete row D.  Rows A and B have been printed.  I try to keep the fabric somewhat like the original.  I will have to check the quilt shop for fat quarters to get the right look.

I have finished four more.  They are hand quilted but still need binding,  Tomorrow, I will sew the binding on and then they will go into the hand sewing basket to be finished.

IMG_2189   IMG_2190

IMG_2191   IMG_2186

IMG_2187 IMG_2188

IMG_2183   IMG_2184


I have finished 58 blocks.  It seems like a lot but there are 169 blocks in the center of the quilt.  Then there are triangles for the outside row.  I haven’t even looked at the patterns for the outside row.

I never intended to make a Dear Jane quilt when I attended the meeting.  Now, I’m glad that I started.  It is addictive.

Have a great day and happy quilting.

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